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About us

We are a Consulting, Branding Marketing & Event ​Agency that connects businesses with their target ​audience and consumers. Our goal is to help our ​clients and partners create a unique brand identity ​and roadmap to success. At Brand Media Group, ​we work with OHSOM TV to deliver top-quality ​digital creative content that informs and engages our ​audience. Our team is highly trained in the media ​industry, ensuring that every piece of content we ​produce is informative and up-to-date. Our content ​covers a wide range of interests, including sports, ​travel, and lifestyle. We invite you to explore our ​channels and join our community. Let us know how ​we can help make your life easier.


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Our digital media creatives and ​content possess a global outreach, ​serving an array of diverse brands.

Brand Media Group is a member of the UN Global ​Compact, our commitment entails a pledge to ​incorporate 10 principles into our core strategy, ​organizational culture, and daily activities, demonstrating ​a dedication to aligning with the broader development ​objectives of the United Nations, with a particular focus ​on the Sustainable Development Goals.

WE ARE Committed to ​taking action on ​advancing faster ​climate action and ​promoting gender ​equality, we elevate ​brands and bring ​forth the future of ​creativity.

A Member of UN Global Compact Network Malaysia Brunei & SME Climate Hub

Our partners and clients value ​the positive impact we have ​generated.


OHSOM Sustainability, through its prominent initiative Ocean Hero Conservation, is dedicated ​to promoting awareness of the critical importance of upholding United Nations Sustainable ​Development Goal 14 (SDG 14) – Life Below Water. The primary goal of Ocean Hero ​Conservation is to enlighten a wide array of stakeholders, encompassing corporations, non-​governmental organizations (NGOs), governmental bodies, educational institutions such as ​schools, universities, and colleges, as well as the general public, on the significance of ​environmental conservation, particularly concerning marine ecosystems. By fostering ​partnerships with a diverse range of entities, OHSOM Sustainability strives to cultivate a broad ​understanding of sustainability principles in alignment with Environmental, Social, and ​Governance (ESG) criteria. This all-encompassing strategy involves collaboration across ​various sectors to nurture a collective dedication to environmental preservation and to advance ​the overarching objectives of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The "OCEAN'US Sustainable EcoTourism CSR" campaign represents a persistent collaboration between Ocean Hero Conservation ​and a renowed local designer aimed at beach and island cleanup initiatives in Malaysia, concurrently advocating for the utilization of ​recycled plastic bottles (RPET) transformed into fabric. The RPET Sustainable Collection, curated by a distinguished local designer, is ​prominently featured at the Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week. Our unwavering dedication to this endeavor underscores our shared ​commitment to preserving the oceans and safeguarding the future.

What we offer

  • We assist businesses in making a powerful digital impact.
  • Our focus is on providing results-driven marketing strategies to help you engage your audience and surpass your objectives.
  • Our team consists of skilled strategists and creative individuals who collaborate to shape a cohesive brand vision.
  • We specialize in various services, including branding, website design, digital marketing, and content creation.

Let us guide you in leaving a mark in the digital realm.

Our mission revolves around:

  • Strategy
  • Creative
  • Sustainability Impact
  • Experience

Reach out to us and begin taking your business to new heights.

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